Events in Morocco – Festivals, Music Events and Much More

A visit to a foreign country can always be spiced up by joining in or observing local festivities. Morocco is certainly no exception - with literally dozens of little festivals, fairs and holidays being held throughout the country.

From bridal festivals to annual art markets, Morocco has a number of events worth taking note of. The majority of these events are somewhat different from what you’d find in other countries – but it is the differences that make them all the more appealing. Morocco’s traditional festivals are colorful, varied and full of the spice of life that characterizes this small corner of the globe.

So whether it is horses, brides, flowers or honey you’re interested in, make sure that you don’t miss out on whatever festival or event is being held in Morocco while you are in the country. Whether you enjoy spectacular gymnastic displays, enchanting musical choruses or colorful roadside stalls, you can be sure that you will find the many festivals held in Morocco to be highly entertaining. Snake charmers and fireworks add yet another dimension to some of these already dazzling cultural displays. Take a look at our Celebrations Page to get an idea of what sort of events and celebrations you can expect to find in Morocco.