Universities in Morocco – Providing Top Education

After completing their school education, Moroccans have the option to pursue a tertiary education at the various institutions scattered throughout the country. There are approximately forty tertiary education institutions including 14 universities, private higher education institutions and polytechnics. The chief language of instruction at these educational institutions is French, along with a few Arabic courses and several English institutions. Moroccans are not the only ones who study at Morocco's universities; foreign students also attend.

Mohammed V University is probably the best-known of Morocco’s universities. The University was
established in 1957 and was amongst the first modern universities to be founded in Morocco. This fine
tertiary education institution in Morocco was named in honor of King Mohammed V, a renowned Moroccan
monarch. In the year 1993 the Mohammed V University was split into two institutions, namely Mohammed
V University at Souissi and Mohammed V University at Agdal. Students attending Mohammed V University
can make use of the faculties of medicine, sciences, law and liberal arts.

The University of Al-Karaouine is also renowned. This historical institution was established back in
859 and was named the “oldest existing educational institution in the world” by the famed Guinness Book
of World Records. Since its inception it has been an important education center for Islamic studies with
international students also coming here to study theology.

Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane is an international university with an American based curriculum. It
was also the first private English university to be founded in North Africa. The Al Akhawayn University
was officially inaugurated in January 1995 by King Hassan II.

Below is a list of universities in Morocco:

Mohammed V University – Rabat

Al Akhawayn University – Ifrane

Hassan II Ain Chok University – Casablanca

Hassan II Mohammedia University – Mohammedia

Mohamed Premier University – Oujda

Cadi Ayyad University – Marrakech

Ibnou Zohr University – Agadir

Hassan Premier University – Settat

Chaouaib Doukkali University – El Jadida

Ibn Tofail University – Kenitra

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