Art – Traditional Woodworks and Colorful Woven Carpets

The eclectic pulse and electrifying atmosphere that can be enjoyed throughout Morocco is largely captured through the brilliant colors and bold designs that are visible in every city. The diverseness of the landscape and the intensity of the culture have been captured in many forms by artists and craftsmen. These can be found in the art galleries of Morocco, as well as in the country's vibrant marketplaces.

During your travels, you may find yourself eyeing some of the beautiful artwork that is on sale at the local markets. The creative abilities of the locals are expressed in so many different forms that you may find it quite difficult to choose which you like best. Wood and furniture is so intricately decorated with rich and expressive carvings. This is a skill that has been passed down over many generations and many of the works today are still created with traditional work tools. If you are fortunate enough to see a carpenter plying his trade, you will likely be fascinated by the ingenuity and skill involved in such a craft.

Another popular art form is that of the colorful woven carpets that are so abundant at village markets. The strong, geometric designs and rich coloring is carefully and meticulously constructed on a manual loom by individual crafters in many of the city’s carpet houses. Some carpets are also woven by skilled crafters at their homesteads further away from the cities. You can be sure that these intrinsically beautiful carpets are of the finest quality and are worth every bit of the money you pay for them – regardless of how much or little you pay for them.

There are also quite a few ornate ceramics that boast captivating mosaics which are on sale at galleries and at some markets. These ceramics are usually incredibly ornate and are the masterpieces of a few skilled artisans. You may prefer more conventional forms of art, such as sculpture, painting and calligraphy. All of these items can be found while winding through the bustling streets of the various towns and cities of Morocco.

If you have the opportunity to visit this resplendent country your trip would be incomplete without a little memento of some sort. So visit the many art galleries and stalls around the country and pick out a few favorites to take home.

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