Morocco Radio Stations

Morocco radio broadcasts are quite diverse and you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy at least one radio station in a language that you understand. The majority of radio stations are based in either Casablanca or Tangier. If you have access to a short-wave radio you will also be able to pick up the BBC World Service and the Voice of America. For many foreigners this is a real treat.

Casablanca Morocco radio stations are the most numerous in the country. Radio Casablanca, MEDI 1, Radio Sawa Morocco and 2M Radio are perhaps the most popular stations in Casablanca. Stations based in Tangier include MEDI 1 and Radio Sawa Morocco, both of which repeat their Casablanca counterparts’ broadcasts.

It is very likely that you will hear some locally produced music while in this beautiful country. Why not take a moment to let these sounds enter your heart and mind and to enhance your experience in this historical country? Morocco radio is one of the easiest ways to experience the musical side of a truly colorful and diverse country.


Radio Atlantic – 92.5 FM
2M Radio – 93.1 FM
MEDI 1 – 99.6 FM
Hit Maroc – 100.3 FM
Chada FM – 100.8 FM
Radio Sawa Morocco – 101.5 FM
Casa FM – 103.1 FM
Radio Aswat – 104.3 FM


2M Radio – 93.7 FM
Radio Sawa Morocco – 97.9 FM
Radio Aswat – 99.9 FM
MEDI 1 – 101.4 FM


2M Radio – 93.8 FM
Hit Maroc – 94.4 FM
SNRT Chaine Nationale – 94.9 FM
Atlas FM – 96.3 FM
Radio Aswat – 100.6 FM
Radio Sawa Morocco – 101.7 FM
MEDI 1 – 105.3 FM


2M Radio – 93.5 FM
Radio Aswat – 95.7 FM
MEDI 1 – 97.5 FM
Hit Maroc – 99.8 FM
Radio Sawa Morocco – 101.0 FM
SNRT La Radio Amazigh – 104.6 FM
Radio Atlantic – 106.9 FM

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