Marrakech International Marathon and Half Marathon

The city of Marrakech represents the essence of the beauty to be found in the exotic country of Morocco. Stunning scenery of palm trees against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains; the sights, sounds and aromas of the local market tantalizing your senses; a look into the culture and history of the friendly people around you – these are all good reasons to visit Marrakech. In January, there is yet another good reason to visit this incredible city and that is the Marrakech International Marathon and Half Marathon. This very popular event draws top runners numbering over 5,000 from far and wide – locally and internationally.

The mild climate in Morocco in January makes this a perfect time to visit the country and with that in mind, the organizers of the Marrakech International Marathon and Half Marathon include entertainment and tourist attractions that cater for the runners and for the spectators in the mix. As the name suggests, there will be two distances to choose from in the marathon to accommodate the different running abilities of the participants.

The race takes place under the patronage of King Mohammed VI and, although the King will not actually be running in the race, he will be watching with interest to see who will be the winner of the race taking place on Sunday 27 January 2008. Abdelkader El Moaziz, winner of previous Moroccan marathons and record setter at the Marrakech International Marathon in 1994, as well as prize winner at marathons in London and Chicago, will be the sponsor of the 2008 event.

Runners who have competed in the marathon previously enjoy it so much that they come back time and again. The track for the race winds along palm lined boulevards, through the orange and olive trees of the Menara Gardens and alongside the historic ramparts of the medina. The stunning scenery simply adds to the enjoyment of the race. With 5,000 competitors in the event, this is the perfect time for runners to get to know others from different parts of the world that share their passion for this popular sport.

Morocco is a destination of choice for many tourists world-wide. The Marrakech International Marathon and Half Marathon is the perfect opportunity for running enthusiasts to travel to Morocco and enjoy the wonders of this exotic country.