Escape to Sidi Kaouki

There is a town near to the cities of Essaouira and Agadir in Morocco that will captivate the imagination of visitors. It was named after a holy man, who some refer to as a teacher, who used to wander the land. If visitors go down to the ocean, they will see a small shrine that is in disrepair that was constructed in his honor, and there are still those who visit the shrine, viewing it as a pilgrimage site. While it did gain a little celebrity when its beach was used as a set for the second Sex and the City movie, not many people are aware of this gem in Morocco. Those who do know the town will quickly name two features that attract them, namely the near perfect weather all year round and its ideal water sport conditions.

Sidi Kaouki is a Berber village. There are no street lights or network of streets. To the one side it is only surrounded by stones and sand, which looks pretty bleak, but as the village comes to life in the morning, with locals going about their daily business and visitors make their way down to the beach, the village becomes more colorful and appealing. Kite surfers and surfers flock to Sidi Kaouki as the ocean offers them exciting waters to frolic in. There are camping sites that allow travelers to take in the peacefulness and tranquility of the village and its surroundings. The beach is blanketed in flowing sand dunes and argon shrubs, with shady trees making camping conditions ideal. Bars and restaurants offer visitors quiet and welcoming areas to relax in. Keen fishermen will also find Sidi Kaouki appealing as it also offers great spots for fishermen to cast a few lines.

The locals here are extremely friendly and welcoming. While receiving flawless hospitality, visitors will find Sidi Kaouki to be the perfect destination to relax and unwind in, or to make the most of its untouched beaches and surf. It might not be the most frequented destination in Morocco, but it most definitely is worth exploring, as its laid back atmosphere and rugged beauty are features that make Sidi Kaouki truly unique.