Discover the Fish of Morocco’s Waters

Morocco is known for having the richest fish territory in the Atlantic Ocean. Over and above the ocean, the landscape is littered with rivers, streams and lakes that also attract many visitors to fishing in Morocco. The lure of the variety of fish in Morocco is irresistible, but the environment has suffered greatly due to the contamination of water sources and from over-fishing. Authorities have implemented restrictions to catch loads and all fishermen, commercial and recreational, need a permit to fish in these amazing waters.

The coastline of Morocco covers a 3500 kilometer stretch and it is hard to imagine that these waters can be depleted of fish,
but both Morocco and Spain have been fishing here. The blocking of European Union fishing vessels has sparked many disagreements
as Spain suffers greatly when not permitted to fish in Morocco. Over-fishing from permitted vessels is just part of the concern,
as many foreign vessels enter these waters to poach fish, attracted by the vision of a boat load of Mullet, Sea Beams, Marlin,
Sea Perch, Grouper, Tuna, Barracudas and Swordfish. Dwindling numbers of these fish species in Morocco increases
the level of urgency to repopulate the water. Unfortunately this means that there are now more young fish in the water than matured
fish and vessels therefore harvest bigger loads because of the smaller fish sizes. It is a continuous battle to conserve and protect
the fish species in Morocco. Recreational fishing vessels can be hired to take visitors, with permits, for deep sea fishing and the
two most popular ports are Mohammedia located near the city of Casablanca and the Saharan port of Sakhla.

Contamination due to waste dumping and litter threaten the numbers of fish that are found in the inland water sources. Fortunately,
conservation efforts and the education of the public is breathing new life into many of the regions. Beautiful, tranquil lakes and
rippling rivers are home to a number of fish species in Morocco. Here visitors will be able to find fish such as Carp, Perch, Black
Bass, Trout, Barbell, Eel, and Roach.

When fishing in Morocco, visitors are urged to catch only the specified amount of fish as indicated on the permit. Morocco depends
on locals and visitors to abide by the rules and regulations to give the fish of Morocco a chance for survival and to prevent the
Moroccan waters from becoming an empty mass of water. Economically, environmentally and in regard to tourism, it is essential for
Morocco to maintain a strong grip on fishing in Morocco and the efforts being made to protect their waters.

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