Enjoy Some Leisure Time in Mohammedia

The port city of Mohammedia in Morocco is located about 15 miles northeast of Casablanca. It is a popular holiday and leisure destination for Moroccans, especially from Casablanca, and for tourists. The city is renowned for its friendly, relaxed atmosphere and its superb beach.

The city of Mohammedia is very green, with virtually all the streets lined with flourishing, tall palm trees, which is very appealing to visitors. Walking through the tourist center of Mohammedia, in the shade of lush palm trees, maybe stopping off for a mint tea at a sidewalk café is a popular activity among visitors. Mint tea is more than just a drink in Morocco – it is an age-old tradition and a sign of hospitality and friendship. This popular drink is served and enjoyed throughout the day and at every occasion.

The square medina in Mohammedia is relatively small. The grand mosque takes pride of place in the middle of the medina, while the grid of narrow streets are lined with colorful houses, the majority of which have green plants and flowers flowing from window boxes and balconies.

The few hotels on offer in Mohammedia are often booked out in high season, and many visitors make use of the serviced campsite north of the town. There is an eighteen-hole golf course just outside Mohammedia, which is put to good use by the golfing enthusiasts visiting the area. The nightlife, although not as diverse as that on offer in Casablanca, is nevertheless lively with a number of bars and restaurants to choose from, all of which have a range of tasty Moroccan dishes on their menus.

Mohammedia was initially named Fedala, but in 1959 it was renamed in honor of King Muhammad V. The port has long played an important role in Morocco, being the connection between Morocco and European traders from the 14th through to the 19th centuries, prior to the French annexing the country. In 1913, under French rule, a port was built at Mohammedia which serves the city today.

A regular bus service runs between Mohammedia and Casablanca, which is convenient both for the inhabitants of Mohammedia who need to do business or make purchases in Casablanca and for the inhabitants of Casablanca who are looking for a day or two of leisure in Mohammedia. When you next travel to Morocco, you may like to take some time to visit the charming city of Mohammedia.