Morocco Television and Local Entertainment

Most people enjoy a bit of light evening entertainment and Television is often the easiest and most convenient way to see to that need. During your time in Morocco you will find that there are quite a few different TV stations and channels that you can investigate and enjoy at your leisure.

While you’re not likely to find a Television set in every household in this age old country, the country does have a very good television network. The main television network in Morocco is Radiodiffusion Television Marocaine, which is state operated and functions on a national level. The network is responsible for broadcasting a wide variety of programs and shows in languages such as Arabic, French, Berber, Spanish and English, which means that if your hotel room comes equipped with a TV you will be quite likely to find a program that you understand. However the vast majority of shows on the two local TV channels are broadcast in Arabic and French.

The majority of hotels offering Morocco TV services also receive satellite TV stations, which means you will have access to quite a number of channels from other countries. If you are staying in Tangier, you may be able to pick up some TV stations from Gibraltar and these are usually in English. So if you are planning to stay in Morocco, you might very well be able to enjoy a number of Television programs. However, if you simply wish to find out the latest news each day, we suggest you consult the Newspapers or Radio as a cheaper alternative.

Morocco’s television networks:

RTM (Radiodiffusion-Television Marocaine)
With its offices based in Rabat, this government run television network broadcasts nationally and is available via the internet to listeners beyond Morocco’s borders.

Focusing on education and entertainment, 2M presents a wide variety of programming covering news, talk shows and dramas 24/7 which are suitable for the entire family to view. Partly owned by the Moroccan government, 2M broadcasts country-wide and is available on Globecast satellite.

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