Rock Climbing in Morocco

The thrill of conquering the challenging faces of mountains and gorges is what attracts hundreds of adrenalin junkies to the sport of rock climbing. After exploring the hills and valleys of their own country, many look beyond borders to find new exciting challenges and rock walls to discover. In Morocco, the sport of rock climbing becomes more popular each passing year, with Tafraoute and Todra Gorge being the two most frequented rock climbing sites in the country. Taking on the challenge of rock climbing in Morocco is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

The Todra Gorge is as much an attraction as it is a destination for rock climbers. Walking through the more than six hundred meters of gorge with three hundred meter walls of rock on either side is very humbling. At some places the passage way between these giant cliff faces is a mere ten meters wide. It is located in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and it can only be imagined how powerful and breathtaking the river must have been that once flowed through the canyons of the gorge. Some of the limestone cliffs tower a staggering one thousand feet into the air. Even though the smooth rock faces may look daunting to some, for rock climbers it signals excitement and adventure. The Todra Gorge is also located in close proximity to the towns of Imilchil, Ait Hani and Tamtatouchte, so rock climbers are able to find comfortable accommodation nearby.

Known for its annual Almond Blossom Festival, Tafraoute is another challenging rock climbing experience that should not be missed out on. Surrounding the homes of orange, red and ochre are endless groves of olives, palm and almond trees and massive mountains that overlook the town and its industries. The rock formations, which consist of granite, shimmer and glow in the Moroccan sun and have extremely unusual shapes to them, making the rock climbing experience even more unique and challenging. Rock climbing enthusiasts will find many unchartered routes and climbs in Morocco and will be able to enjoy the thrill of the climb, as well as the beauty of the landscapes in the country.