Exceptional Rock Climbing in Taghia

Many dedicated rock climbers tend to live a nomadic existence, traveling the world, following weather patterns and seasons in their quest to find the next rock climbing destination to put their climbing skills to the test. The mountains surrounding the remote village of Taghia in eastern Morocco offer just such a destination, and as the word gets out in the climbing community, more and more rock climbers are traveling to this starkly beautiful part of Morocco.

The combination of excellent rock, dry weather and hospitable people creates perfect conditions for a rock climbing holiday and during Morocco’s spring, summer and fall, the little village of Taghia is a hive of activity early in the morning as climbers prepare for the day’s activity. Tents are packed, donkeys are loaded and the route for the day is discussed in detail, while the women of the guest houses ensure that their guests are well fed before sending them on their way.

There are numerous climbing routes with varying levels of difficulty in the nearby mountains, some of which can test the mettle of even the most experienced rock climber. One of the more popular climbs is Taoujdad, an immense overhanging orange limestone wall on the north face of Les Rivieres Pourpres. Babel, an 800 meter wall, is another popular route among experienced climbers.

The influx of tourists into this remote village has had a profound effect on the communities that have lived there for many generations. The income generated by the demand for services and goods has had a positive effect throughout the community. Having contact with visitors from many parts of the world has opened up a world of possibilities for the younger generation of Taghia – possibilities which they will be better equipped to explore if they have a good educational background. Recognizing this fact, much of the income from tourism has been used to improve the infrastructure of the village and promote education at the local school, particularly giving girls the same opportunities that have always been available to boys.

Although many visitors to Taghia are drawn there for the rock climbing opportunities, by the time they leave, it is the friendly people of this remote Moroccan village that they are most likely to remember.