Relaxing in the Coastal Town of Mdiq

Situated about fifteen miles northeast of Tétouan on the Mediterranean coastline of Morocco, the charming town of Mdiq is fast becoming a destination of choice for both local and international holiday makers. With its beautiful beaches, friendly people and lovely weather it is easy to understand why many people choose Mdiq as a place to spend their leisure time.

A large number of the local inhabitants of Mdiq make a living catching fish. Many holiday makers enjoy this activity as well, perching on the rocky outcrops with a fishing line in the water, waiting patiently for a fish to bite. If the number of fishermen is anything to go by, they are either successful in their fishing endeavors or simply enjoy the relaxing effect of the sun and the sea.

Mdiq does not have a large number of historical sites, but the picturesque church in the town centre and the Muslim tomb near a popular fishing spot are interesting places to visit. The town centre of Mdiq buzzes with the activity of the open marketplace. Exploring the marketplace is an experience that many visitors enjoy and often results in finding unusual items which are usually reasonably priced, making buying gifts and souvenirs to take to friends and family back home a lot of fun.

Accommodation to suit any budget can be found in Mdiq and the local restaurants offer a wide variety of traditional foods, with many of them specializing in seafood, often prepared according to a secret old family recipe. Visitors can look forward to many delicious encounters with Moroccan cuisine during their visit to Mdiq.

The Cabo Negro Lighthouse, also known as Ras el Aswad Light, is located near Mdiq. This is a working lighthouse with a light that is visible for twenty nautical miles and serves as a navigational aid to ships and boats.

As with many coastal destinations the sun, sand and sea are the focus of recreational activity in Mdiq. All forms of watersport are available and the beaches are scattered with relaxed sun-lovers. Holiday makerswho choose Mdiq as their destination in Morocco are sure to have a most enjoyable time.