Cruises and Boat Trips on Morocco’s Waters

Boat cruises are offer an excellent opportunity to visit some of the most exotic locations around the world. When it comes to mysterious, romantic and striking – Morocco has it all. From endless desert landscapes, a peaceful oasis and tranquil beaches to the bustle of the city and all its treasures, Morocco is a destination that can offer tourists a diverse holiday. Not forgetting its magnificent coastline, many visitors opt for boat tours while in the country, or decide to travel to Morocco in the luxury on an ocean liner.

Most ocean liners will stop off at one of the larger port cities such as Agadir, a popular holiday destination for many international travelers, or Casablanca, known for its striking historical architecture, vibrant nightlife and nostalgic atmosphere. Tangier is also high up on the list of ports for cruises, complete with quaint cafés, natural beauty and a vast selection of water sport activities, while Safi lures pottery lovers, surfers and seafood enthusiasts. All cruise liners dock at the commercial ports of the cities, enabling passengers to gain quick access to the city centers and due to transportation services that are readily available from the larger ports. Some tour operators take passengers on a wonderful cruise around the coast of Morocco, stopping off at a few of the most well know cities for tourist to explore, including Fez, Marrakech and Rabat.

Ferries and boat services are a regular form of transport in Morocco and there is no better way to explore the Moroccan ocean and appreciate the beauty of the beaches, than viewing it from a boat. Many tour operators take visitors out on day cruises. It is also possible hire your own boat for a few hours to travel around at your leisure. There is a bay that divides Rabat from its sister city, Sale. The boat services here are well known as visitors can either take a trip form one city to another, or hire rowing boats to explore the bay.

With more than thirty thousand kilometers of coastline, boating trips, cruises and ocean tours are available in almost every coastal city and town. The unforgettable experience of discovering Morocco from its cool ocean waters is recommended to all travelers and will most certainly provide them with lasting memories.