Medina of Fez – Morocco’s Cultural and Spiritual Center

The Medina of Fez is not only referred to as Morocco's cultural and spiritual center, but it is also one of the country's imperial cities. The Fez Medina was discovered in the 9th century and became prominent when it replaced Marrakech as the capital of Morocco. This all took place during the 13th and 14th century under the control of the Marinids. The Fez Medina is no longer the political capital of Morocco since Rabat was given this title in 1912. Today UNESCO has designated the entire Medina of Fez as a world monument.

The Fez Medina is an incredible place made up of beautiful historical buildings that date back to medieval times. These well preserved buildings include mosques, palaces, fountains and residential homes. The oldest university in the world is also located in the Medina of Fez. These old buildings are surrounded by eight kilometers of fortified walls that were built in an attempt to keep invaders out of the city. The Fez Medina is also one of the most complex labyrinth cities in the world, with houses and shops built close together along tangled streets making it near impossible for visitors to find their own way around.

What makes the Medina of Fez so extraordinary is the fact that these exclusive properties are available for people to rent during the holiday seasons. Until recently this experience was not an option, but in recent years a number of these ancient properties have been restored and made available for people to rent. Visitors now get an opportunity to experience how people lived in the 9th century. Those visiting the Fez Medina in this way are assisted by staff who care for their every need as well as maintaining these world heritage buildings. They are also provided with the use of a Moroccan cell phone during their stay.

There is a choice of buildings for visitors to choose from including villas, a traditional riad house, antique royal suites and small palaces. Instead of the customary hotel, visitors are taken to a historic and romantic period of time where they are treated to a unique experience and a secret way of life that has only been opened to them in recent years.

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