Restaurant Guide of Morocco

Morocco boasts a wide variety of restaurants and cafés in and around its cities, that either specialize in a particular cuisine, such as French, Italian or Oriental, or offer a range of tantalizing treats on the menu. Of course, a Moroccan adventure must include exploring the delights of traditional Moroccan cuisine and you'll find many restaurants and cafés offering expertly prepared traditional items to choose from.

Moroccan food has a very distinctive flavor, accompanied by warm, spicy aromas that even the most jaded palate will enjoy. Because of the French connection in Morocco’s history, French cuisine also features prominently throughout the country. You will also find a range of western style foods, especially in the bigger cities, but rather than just sticking to what you know, be adventurous and eat as the locals do – this is sure to add a rich and delightful dimension to your Moroccan experience.

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