Visit The Unique Belghazi Museum

The city of Fez is a popular destination for tourists visiting Morocco. The lure of its diversity, historical sights, endless attractions and a unique and exotic atmosphere is irresistible to many. Within its vibrant energy, bustling narrow streets and breathtaking architectural wonders, there are buildings in Fez that conserve its heritage, its art and its distinctive culture, namely museums. Each museum in the city holds a world of discovery and exploration within its walls, and every now and then, there is a museum that stands out as exceptional, such as the Belghazi Museum.

Not only is the interior of the Belghazi Museum spectacular, but the building itself is something to marvel at, as it is a palace that was constructed during the seventeenth century, and is therefore a part of history as well. The Belghazi Museum is a privately owned establishment, but does not make it any less impressive, as they house an extensive collection of various antiquities. It is the largest privately owned museum in Africa, and it is definitely worth the visit.

Inside the museum, visitors will find the building is divided into different categories, such as music, photographic galleries, costumes, instruments, jewels, ceramics, embroidery and manuscripts. The embroidery seen at the museum is exquisite. It is a craft that is passed down through the generations in Morocco and the detail found can be described as works of art. The jewelry pieces reflect the expert craftsmanship of the various communities and the caftans are colorful displays of traditional Moroccan clothing. Beautiful wood carvings, weapons and even traditional wedding chests are on display, and what makes the Belghazi Museum even more exclusive, is the fact that visitors are able to purchase some of the items in the museum, due to it being a private collection. The price tags attached to the selected items are not cheap, but even if one cannot afford to buy anything that is on sale, walking through the museum is still very rewarding.

To complete the Belghazi Museum experience, visitors to the museum are recommended to take the roof top tour, as there are magnificent views of the city to be seen. The Belghazi Museum is a once in a life time experience, and one of the must see attractions in Fez.