Vacation at the Stunning Marina Smir

Based on the northern Mediterranean coast of Morocco, the Marina Smir is considered by many to be Morocco’s most fashionable marina and holiday resort. The coastal landscape along which the marina is situated includes many small bays and coves with green hills covered in wildflowers rising up from the beaches. Tourists with a pre-conceived idea of Morocco being an arid country are often surprised at how green this area is.

Situated on the beach, Marina Smir is about halfway between Tetouan and Ceuta, only thirty kilometers from Tangier’s airport. The road to Marina Smir passes through some beautiful scenery before arriving at the white sandy beaches and the azure Mediterranean Ocean. The marina and resort, which opened in 1991, was developed by a Spanish group along the same lines and to the same standards as the renowned Costa del Sol which is situated just 40 kilometers across the sea from Marina Smir.

Marina Smir, is a popular destination and stop-over for yachts from far distant places and also receives many visiting yachts from nearby Andalucía. The marina is equipped to deal efficiently with the many services required by visiting vessels, including berthing facilities with water and electricity, re-fuelling and a 200-ton crane to facilitate repair and maintenance of vessels.

The marina serves as the nucleus around which a number of restaurants, luxury hotels, pubs, cafés and a variety of shops are built. The activities and facilities offered by Marina Smir include a luxurious health spa, a golf course, wide range of water sports, stunning white beaches and the crystal clear, warm waters of the Mediterranean Ocean. It also serves as an ideal base for exploring neighboring towns of Tangier, Tetouan and Chefchaouen.

As investors are realizing the potential of Marina Smir, residential developments have been gaining momentum. The predominant architectural style of the buildings is modernized Moorish-Moroccan. Many of the lovely villas, luxury apartments and townhouses that are springing up serve as holiday homes which are rented out to visitors during the times that the owners are not visiting Marina Smir.

Visitors to the exotic Kingdom of Morocco have a multitude of beautiful places that they can include in their itinerary – Marina Smir is one of those beautiful places that should be on their list.