Surfing at Immesouane

Located in close proximity to the city of Essaouira and the bustling destination of Agadir is a quiet and peaceful village that is one of Morocco’s best kept secrets. In the surfing community though, it is not so secret, as thousands of surfers flock to Immesouane each year to take advantage of the wonderful beaches and great surfing opportunities. Any surfer will be able to tell you that visiting Immesouane is like finding a little piece of paradise, and it is a recommended destination for anyone touring Morocco.

There are three spots along the coast of Morocco that are frequented by surfers, namely Sidi Kaouki, Immesouane and Taghazout. The most popular surfing months in the country are usually between the months of October and March, but as there is generally good weather all year round, visitors and surfers can enjoy sun and surf whenever they choose. Nature lovers will also be able to find breathtaking activities to enjoy, as this laid-back village is nestled between magnificent mountain ranges and dense forests that are located in protected areas. Bird watching enthusiasts will find a wide variety of birds to observe, or can simply enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

The bay itself is well protected and boasts one of the longest wave rides in the entire region. It begins at the Immesouane Harbor and moves to the right, allowing surfers to ride from the harbor to the end of the Immesouane Bay. Those who do not enjoy paddling prefer this surfing spot, as they can just hop on the wave and enjoy the ride. Cathedrals, an area at the Northern Point, offers surfers numerous defined peaks and has a quick wave that rises over the colorful reefs of the bay. After a day on the waves, or to relax between sets, visitors can make a turn at the Momo’s Surf Shack, where refreshments and snacks are available. The village is also filled with a rich and historical Berber culture that visitors are recommended to explore. From surf, sand, forests and mountain ranges, Immesouane is filled with breathtaking attractions and magnificent natural wonders to discover.