Source Bleu de Meski Desert Oasis

Mysterious Morocco is known for its magnificent desert landscapes and spectacular oasis hideaways from the intense desert heat. Most tourists are drawn to oases, as they bring to life images of the desert already conjured up in their imaginations. Tall palm trees, shady rest spots and cool waters; an oasis is a refreshing piece of land amidst the arid sands and dunes. One such an oasis that is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists is Source Bleu de Meski.

The pools at the Source Bleu de Meski were constructed by Foreign Legionnaires and are located in the Ziz Valley, just outside Er-Rashidia. Locals from a nearby village often come down to the waters of the Source Bleu de Meski for their daily water supply and tourists come to this beautiful attraction to enjoy the unique atmosphere and environment. Souvenir sellers and vendors also take advantage of the influx of tourists to sell some of their goods.

There is a small entrance fee into the Source Bleu de Meski and the whole area is divided into two different sections. Most tourists visit the first pool, as it is in this first bathing area where the original source of the water can be found. The water comes from a river that runs through the mountain above the pools, and enters into the Source Bleu de Meski through a hole in the wall of the mountain.

The massive palms that shade the water, the children splashing and laughing and the local women in their colorful traditional dress, transform the pools into a picture perfect moment. Not many tourists swim in the pools, but local legends say that the pools increase fertility. With candlelight reflecting off the water and dressed adorned with amulets, shells and ribbons, young girls come to bathe in the waters of the Source Bleu de Meski in hopes to increase their chances of falling pregnant easily.

The crumbling walls and ruins of the Kasbah, located next to the springs, offer another wonderful photo opportunity and chance for exploration. Source Bleu de Meski boasts breathtaking landscapes and beautiful natural scenery. It is an oasis that is worth the visit as one of the most fascinating attractions in Morocco.