Relax and be Pampered at Hammam Ziani

When traveling through a picturesque and exotic country like Morocco, there are so many attractions and activities that the only time tourists get to relax is when they return to their accommodations to sip mint tea and watch the sunset from a cozy porch. However, there are other ways in Morocco to sit back, relax and be rejuvenated. They come in the form of spas. Hammam Ziani, with a hammam located in Casablanca and Marrakech, is one of the most highly recommended spas in the country.

The Hammam Ziani in Casablanca, known as the Ziani Baths, is located at the Alsace Quarter, and in Marrakech it is situated near the Medina. While these two establishments are in different cities, their goal and services remain the same. Hammam Ziani offers travelers the opportunity to relax amidst fragrant aromas, clean facilities and refreshing baths. Professional staff assist visitors every step of the way, helping them to de-stress and cleanse their bodies, while the peaceful surroundings cleanse their minds and soul.

Hammam Ziani has a complete therapy session which they offer their clients, with each step performing a specific task and each therapy is therefore seen as vital. The hot, steaming waters of the baths help the body to relax and stimulate blood circulation. Medicinal plants are used to create the fragrant scents that rise from the water. After loosening up clients’ well traveled muscles, it is on to the scrubbing session. Scrubbing the body with loofah removes all the dead skin from the body and the soaping that follows, gives skin a clean, soft and supple feeling. Of course a spa treatment would not be complete without a message that works out all the knots from tense muscles and relieves soreness from others. The seaweed therapy is done to ease pain, promote soft skin and the algae bath alleviates back pain and other disabling health problems such as rheumatism. After enjoying rigorous therapy sessions, clients are invited to spend some time in the whirlpools or light hydro-massage swimming pools.

For an unforgettable hamman experience, Hamman Ziani is highly recommended and many travelers and tourists ensure that a few hours of spa treatment is incorporated in their itinerary. Hamman Ziani provides clients with a refreshing and relaxing treatment, in beautiful, peaceful and fragrant surroundings.