Marrakesh Morocco – The Marrakesh Express

You’d be hard pressed to visit Morocco and not include Marrakesh on your itinerary! Marrakesh is a
city of mystery and wonder and unique sights and sounds. Along every narrow street, behind every sharp
turn, there’s a story to tell and a memory to be made! But don’t be fooled. Marrakesh has re-invented
itself; juggling the mysteries of its past with the realities of modern day tourism; to create a safe
haven for those who want to enjoy a mix of history, culture, shopping and relaxation. Marrakesh offers a
well thought out infrastructure of hotels and restaurants, framed within an atmosphere of hospitality that
continues to work its magic on visitors from all parts of the world.

Certainly you won’t find yourself in Marrakesh by chance. The city seems to revolve around its world famous
square — the Jema l-Fna — who’s heartbeat resonates from dawn to dusk. On one side of the square starts
the great market or suq, which even in these modern times harks back to something out of the city’s golden age.

When the sun sets, the Jema l-Fna turns transforms into a meeting place for young and old. A place of fantasy
where snake charmers play for the crowds and the occasional fire-eater or sword-swallower will gladly perform
for a coin or two.

Jema l-Fna is only one of several worthwhile locations. The 850 year old Koutoubia minaret sits just over a
hundred meters west from the Jema l-Fna, and is yet another city landmark. Inside the suq you’ll want to seek
out and enter the stunning mosque and madrasa of Ben Yussef — located at the northern side of Jema l-Fna.

And for a more profound understanding of Moroccan architecture, check out the Almoravid koubba, about 40 meters
south of the mosque of Ben Yussef. Here you’ll be privy to several of the oldest examples of the Moroccan
architectural style — decorative patterns, windows, and the structure of the dome itself.

Marrakesh is a city of wonders. And you’ll treasure every step you take with its ancient corridors!