Magnificent Mount Toubkal

Standing at an intimidating height of 4 167 meters, Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountain range. It is located just outside of Marrakech, in the breathtaking Toubkal National Park. No-one is exactly sure when the first ascent of this peak took place, as the first date documented is 12 June 1923. Hubert Dolbeau, the Marquis de Segonzac and Vincent Berger were the first Europeans to climb Toubkal, but it is possible that the mountain had been ascended before them by Berber tribesmen while on hunting expeditions, but was never documented. Today it is a popular mountain climbing destination, and mountaineers from all over the world come to Morocco to take on this magnificent peak.

Mountaineers are reminded that the summer months in Morocco reach extreme temperatures; however, the mountain should maintain its colder temperatures. As there is sometimes scree on the slopes, climbing poles, windproof clothing and proper climbing boots are recommended, as the mountain is also famous for storms during summer. October to April is usually the most popular times for the northern slope of the mountain to be climbed; however, snowfall in February and March could be a great hindrance. There are two camping grounds, namely Refuge Neltner, in the Mizane Valley and Refuge du Toubkal, which is located near Neltner hut. Most hikers prefer to start their climb from the Imlil village, while the usual route begins at Aroumd. Guides can be hired, along with porters and mules, which are recommended for hikers who do not have the experience for the climb. Seasoned mountaineers will be able to navigate the hike.

From Refuge du Toubkal, the path becomes more challenging, with steep climbs into the Corrie valley, over streams and then ascends to 3 940 meters to Tizi’n ‘Toubkal. From there, climbers will move on to the Jbel Toubkal ridge, and then take on the final climb to the Toubkal summit. Here climbers can sit back, reflect and take in the spectacular beauty that the view that Toubkal offers of the rest of the Atlas Mountain Range, as well as the Little Atlas Mountains. Many mountaineers have succeeded in conquering Toubkal, and it is an experience they will never forget.