Lalla Mira – Morocco’s First Organic Hotel

Tucked away in the medina of the UNESCO World Heritage listed city of Essaouira, the Hotel Lalla Mira is Morocco’s first “organic” hotel. This recently converted riad welcomes guests with comfort and warm Moroccan hospitality. The beach is a mere ten minute walk away, and the sights, sounds and tantalizing aromas of the market are just around the corner.

The Hotel Lalla Mira was designed with comfort in mind, while paying extra attention to maintaining a true Moroccan experience through respect for the culture and customs of Morocco. Using thermo-solar energy for the underfloor-heating and a specially designed system for water conservation, the hotel staff and management promote eco-friendly tourism, even in the middle of town. Mindful of their goal of being an organic hotel, even the sheets on the bed are organic, the curtains are made from wool and the mattresses on the beds are filled with a natural fiber called “kapok”, which is guaranteed allergy-free.

There are three categories of rooms, all en-suite and equipped with telephones and televisions. The mini-suite is spacious and, with a separate lounge and balcony, is a popular option for family groups. The bathrooms are finished off in exquisite traditional hand-polished colorful tadelakt – a type of lime plaster that is polished until it becomes waterproof. A buffet style breakfast, catering for vegans and vegetarians, is included in the price of the room and the ala-carte restaurant serves up tasty local dishes using organically grown fresh vegetables and freshly caught fish.

The traditional hammam (Turkish-style steam bath), which is attached to the hotel, is the oldest public bath in town. It is also the first hammam in Morocco that is heated with thermo-solar power. The hammam is also beautifully finished in natural tadelakt. Guests at the Hotel Lalla Mira have free entrance to the hammam where they can enjoy traditional methods of bathing, including a traditional black soap wash, body scrubbing or “grommage” – a treatment using a scrubbing mitten, finely ground pumice stone and luxurious argan oil.

Essaouira is a popular destination for tourists traveling in Morocco, and staying at the charming Hotel Lalla Mira is sure to make your visit extra special.