Hoba Hoba Spirit Fuse Traditional with Modern

There have been many changes within Morocco in recent years, especially the way music is viewed and received. Bands have been modernizing traditional music to lure the younger generation into appreciating their rich heritage. These youthful styles have been referred to as electro-chaabi, rai-hop and metal-gnawa. Mixing traditional lyrics and instruments with the beat of modern music and use of electrical instruments, such as the guitar, has become more accepted over time, and given rise to the popularity of bands such as Hoba Hoba Spirit.

With an increase of music concerts and with organizers inviting international musiciansto share the stage with local Moroccan talent, the public, music lovers and artists in Morocco have been exposed to various styles and musical expressions. Hoba Hoba Spirit was established in 1998 and is a band that concentrates on the music genres of rock, gnawa and reggae. Amalgamating all the sounds together, with original lyrics (some lyrics are in English for the international audience), has given the band a unique sound that has become popular with the youth of Morocco.

The band has five members, namely Anouar Zehouani who plays the guitar, Reda Allali who is the vocalist of the band and plays guitar, Saad Bouidi on the bass guitar, Mohamed Laabidi is the percussionist, and Adil Hanine is the drummer. Together they bring to life fusions of Moroccan music, including instruments such as the grageb and bendir, in their modernized versions of the country’s traditional sound.

In 2003, the band released their first album named “Hoba Hoba Spirit”, featuring eight tracks including “Casa”, “Gnawa Blues” and “La tele”. They followed with “Blad Schizophrene” in 2005, “Trabando” in 2007 and this year, they released a ten track album named “El Gouddam”. The success of the band as grown outside the borders of Morocco and is reaching the youth in various destinations. Their lyrics not only form musical images of the history of Morocco, but relate to the changes within the world and Morocco that affect the daily lives of normal citizens. Hoba Hoba Spirit is a Moroccan band that seems to taking the world by storm, reaching out to people of different countries and cultures.