Hitting the Waves with Endo Surf Camp

Many people would agree that the best part of going on holiday is going to the beach whenever possible. Especially when visiting foreign destinations, visitors always ensure that exploring the beaches of their chosen destination is on the agenda for their holiday. Most people wish they could make use of the magnificent waves but have no, or very little, surfing experience and that is why the Endo Surf Camp established itself in Morocco. Known for its beautiful beaches and good surfing conditions during the summer months from August to May, Morocco is the ideal location to learn how to surf, and Endo Surf Camp is the ideal teacher.

The Endo Surf Camp is a German surf school that has branches in Morocco and in South Africa. Their camp is mere fifteen kilometers away from Agadir, in the quaint village of Tamraght, which is growing increasingly popular with backpackers, and is said to have the best waves in the country. All surfers are catered for at the Endo Surf Camp, from beginners to professionals, who want to improve their skills. The surf camp is a relaxed and safe way to learn how to take on the waves.

There is generally a limit of twenty people per camp, so as to give everyone as much personal attention as possible. Even though professional and beginner surfers share the same accommodation, they are separated into experience level groups when it comes to the lessons. Experienced instructors take their students through rigorous training, pushing them to perform better and to develop their abilities. Approximately twice a week, students are able to watch video feed back on their progress, and taking part in the surf sessions feels like having fun with a group of friends.

In between theory lessons and practical sessions, students also have time to explore the village and the nearby Agadir, and to arrange for other activities through the staff at the Endo Surf Camp, such as going horse riding, hitting the slopes of the High Atlas, rock pool jumping and surf safaris. All surfing gear can be rented at the Endo Surf Camp and the shop can assist with accessories and repairs to surfboards.

The Endo Surf Camp allows students to progress at their own pace, in relaxed and stress free atmosphere. Instructors are patient and extremely thorough; ensuring that everyone who comes through the camp is educated on all aspects of the sport. They prepare each beginner to have confidence and fun while in the water, giving them goals to work towards and improve on. Many surfers who have been to the Endo Surf Camp have commented that they still use the knowledge and techniques taught to them at the camp to improve their surfing, confirming that it is a wonderful and exciting experience, and that it is never too late to learn.