Experience the Natural Riches of Ouirgane

Some of the most precious sights and breathtaking destinations in Morocco are generally off the beaten path; where modernization and city life has not yet stripped the villages of culture and tradition, and where simple, uncomplicated lives have created a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle. Of course nothing stays a secret forever, and one of these secrets of natural splendor lies a mere ninety minutes outside the city of Marrakech. It is the village of Ouirgane and its surrounding landscapes.

The region of Ouirgane is home to many small Berber villages and it is the most breathtaking part of the Atlas Mountains. Here, the gentle summer breeze ensures that summer is cooler in Ouirgane than in the cities and even the winters enjoy a moderate climate. The hills and valleys are littered with dense, untouched forests, fruit orchards carry the gentle fragrance of lime, grapefruit and orange into the air, and the gardens are a sea of roses. It is this scenic beauty and magnificent calm that attracts visitors and has increased the flow of tourists to what has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Morocco.

But there is more to this region that meets the eye and many tour companies in Morocco bring their visitors to Ouirgane not only to experience the lifestyle of a true Berber village, but to taste traditional cuisine and marvel at the majestic scenery and panoramic views. Some operators offer 4×4 tours through this region, but the best way to explore the landscape is either on the back of a horse or donkey, or on foot.

One of the popular attractions located near Ouirgane is the Tiz N Test Pass. At a height of 2 100 meters it is the highest mountain pass in Morocco and has spectacular views of the Souss Plain and the cultivated land below. Many visitors come here to hike through the Toubkal National Park and Mount Jbel Toubkal, which at 4 165 meters is the highest summit in North Africa. A journey through the Tassa Ouirgane National Park starts in the village of Ouirgane and winds its way through hidden Berber hamlets, cherry fields and the Takherkhoute forests. The guides will also take visitors to see how the Berber tribes mine their salt and the trade routes that are used by the tribes to sell their products in the numerous little villages.

To experience a traditional and cultural adventure in the unmatched beauty of the Atlas Mountains, visitors to Morocco are recommended to travel to Ouirgane. Here natural beauty, wildlife and traditional Berber tribes have learnt to life in harmony with each other.