Don’t Miss Hummer Adventure 2008

If you own a Hummer, may it be the H1, H2 or H3, have five thousand five hundred euros to spare and seek adventure and excitement, then the Hummer Adventure 2008 experience is the perfect racing event to enter. The entry fee allows all European drivers and a co-driver entry into the event, and it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable eight day adventure of thrills and adrenalin. Only seventy entrants in total are permitted and this anticipated rally starts in Tangiers, a port city in Morocco, on 11 May 2008.

Traveling with participants, will be five cars from the Hummer organization, a medical team, a crew of mechanics, two trucks carrying wheels and spares, a team of photographers and a video team. They will lend assistance to anyone in need and will follow the rally throughout the entire 2 500 kilometers, which will have participants traveling an estimated three hundred kilometers a day.

On arrival, all participants will receive a GPS that has already been loaded with the routes of the rally and will be given instructions on how to use the GPS. A detailed book of the routes will also be given to all drivers. Special driving skills are not required to complete the rally, but an off road course will be given to drivers on the third day, in the Merzouga sand dunes. Participants can look forward to challenging their vehicles on the mountain slopes of Morocco, through river beds, on the sands of the great desert and many other magnificent and exciting terrains. Even though there will be opportunities to fill up at every stop, it is recommended to keep an extra gas tank in the vehicle, just in case of an emergency. Shovels are also advised, as wheels might get stuck in the sand.

Entry fees to the Hummer Adventure 2008 include all accommodation, drinks and meals and the boat crossing from Algeciras, in Spain, to Morocco. The rally ends on 18 May 2008, and the route returns all participants to Tangiers, where the race finishes. A standard Hummer was used to drive the route during the testing of the route, and all drivers should be able to navigate the rally terrain. It is a wonderful opportunity to test the capabilities of the Hummer, enjoy the beauty of Morocco and to take on an unforgettable adventure.