Discover the Wonders of Taroudannt

Nestled between the majestic High Atlas Mountains and the picturesque hills of the Anti Atlas Mountains lies the Souss Valley. It is home to a seemingly untouched and magnificent city by the name of Taroudannt. It is a city that can only be described as a wonderful jewel amongst the locations in Morocco that have historical and cultural significance. Taroudannt is often underestimated, as it is a destination that has not modernized with the times, but is filled with noteworthy attractions, activities and sights that have remained preserved for present and future generations to marvel at.

Taroudannt has an estimated population of approximately seventy-five thousand permanent residents. In the eleventh century, the city was the capital city of a kingdom, until it was annexed by the Almoravids in 1056, and completely destroyed in 1306 by the Merenids. By 1510, the city had been rebuilt as the Saadiens capital, and a wall was constructed around the town as protection. In the year 1913, the French gained control over Taoudannt, but it was fortunate enough to be one of the locations that were spared destruction during the French rule. Along with the rest of Morocco, the city celebrated its independence in 1956.

The magnificently preserved walls are fascinating attractions, as they are home to the several gates of the city, with Bab Zougan being the most popular. The walls are dark red in color, and standing at seven meters in height, the walls are an impressive sight. Visitors to Taroudannt will find ATM machines scattered around the town, including a few banks to exchange money. While visiting here it is vital to remember to have cash available as most of the small shops and quaint retail outlets do not accept credit cards as payment.

Twice a week the city hosts two markets where visitors will be able to find some of the best quality arts and crafts in Morocco. The markets are usually filled with vendors and people, and bustles with excitement and energy. From spices to pottery and from tourist souvenirs to household items, the markets have it all. Outdoor enthusiasts will also find the surrounding landscapes to have the perfect terrain for mountain biking excursions and hiking. Taroudannt is a wonderful destination, with a warm atmosphere and enough activities to keep visitors fascinated and intrigued for days.