Discover the Hidden Gems of Amizmiz

Nestled in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, just south of the city of Marrakech in Morocco, lies a town that is relatively unknown to visitors and seldom visited. Amizmiz is a quaint and traditional town that seems to have been forgotten by time and passed over by modernization, yet is home to some of the most picturesque landscapes and adventures that Morocco has to offer.

Most of the approximately ten thousand residents of Amizmiz are predominantly Berbers and speak in the Tashelhit dialect. One of the cultural attractions of the town is the weekly bustle of the souk that is held here on Tuesdays. Every vendor and merchant in the area comes to the souk to sell their wares. It is known that visitors are able to find exquisite items and unique souvenirs here, as the town is not tourist orientated, and therefore does not mass-produce typical tourism memorabilia.

Amizmiz is not a town filled with attractions such as museums, monuments and public parks, and even on a Friday night most places are closed by eight. Rather it has become increasingly popular for its breathtaking mountain ranges, photographic opportunities and hiking. There are several hiking trails for visitors to follow, ranging from short to long distance routes. The town is a good central location to explore the surrounding areas from and attractions in the region include the Stone Villages of the Valley of Qued Amizmiz, the Azgour Mining Village, The Cave Habitations of Imin Tala, the Waterfalls of Tazakka and the Qued Valley Walnut Groves. Other activities include horse riding trails, discovering the strawberries, oaks and vast pine forests of Amizmiz or marveling at the skill and talent of the local potters.

As a destination in Morocco, Amizmiz is not a town that is filled with pumping nightlife and rivers of tourists, but it does have many hidden gems. All it takes is for visitors to find them. And it is this quality that makes visiting Amizmiz an adventure instead of a tourist destination. At first glance, the town seems to be no more than a lost part of Moroccan history, but on closer inspection visitors will find wonderful attractions and memorable sights to enjoy and remember.