Camping in Morocco

To some, camping provides the perfect way to soak in the sights and sounds of a country. It is certainly by and large a cheaper way to travel and it does provide travellers with plenty of leisure time which they can use to gain a deeper understanding of the new and exciting things that surround them. Camping In Morocco is no different.

Morocco has a number of great camping sites that can be used if you are planning to tour the country. Most of them are located in slightly more remote areas, making them perfect for exploring the outlying wildernesses of Morocco. Whether you’re interested in enjoying a scenic mountain vista on waking up every morning or you prefer wide-open spaces, you’ll find that Morocco has something for you. What’s more, most of the campsites are incredibly well-equipped. This is due to the fact that camping is a very popular activity in Morocco, so you’ll find that the campsites are never empty, run-down or seemingly forgotten.

Many camping sites in Morocco have swimming pools, free hot showers, barbecue areas, public car parks, electric hook-ups and more. What’s more, there are often a number of service providers nearby where you can gain access to washing machines, the internet, public transport, take away food, groceries, telephones and more. You can even hire refrigerators for the duration of your stay!

Campers are also able to enjoy a number nearby activities, such as mountain biking, fishing, skiing, hiking, horse riding and more. Culture buffs can usually find handicraft stalls in the vicinity, while more lively entertainment is never too far away. Campers can choose between camper vans, tents and caravans, and many campsites make allowance for campers to bring their pets with as long as they are kept under control. The social atmosphere at these locations is always lively and enjoyable and provides the perfect opportunity to strike up new friendships whilst soaking in the spectacular natural landscape. Popular campsites can be found in Tombouctou, Amazigh, Essaouira and Agadir, to name a few. If this sounds like the sort of adventure you’d enjoy, don’t waste any time in booking your Moroccan camping adventure!