Breathtaking Bhalil

Near the bustling city of Fez is the small town of Bhalil, which most visitors to Morocco are unaware even exists. It is not bursting with tourist attractions or noteworthy sites, and does not have five-star hotels for accommodation, but is one of the most unique and breathtaking destinations that visitors will ever come across. It is a tranquil town, with many natural wonders to enjoy, together with a rich history and extraordinary features that make Bhalil a very special place to visit.

Bhalil is located at the foot of the Jebel Kandar, and this magnificent peak offers visitors spectacular views of the town and the landscapes that embrace it. Lush, green valleys, a sparkling river and fertile land create awe inspiring views from this hilltop, while the streets of Bhalil are lined with artisans who produce traditional and exquisite crafts to admire and purchase. The entire town has an extremely laid-back atmosphere to it. Residents are easily recognized by their clothing. The younger women of Bhalil wear a Djebella, while older women wear ihafs or tarfs on their heads that cover their entire bodies. The men also display head wear referred to as Razzas.

The town is also very religious and has numerous mosques, as well as Kasbahs, which are situated in ancient palaces and recommended sites to see. One feature of Bhalil that stands out from other cities is the fact that there are still a few cave-houses that are in use. Guides will be able to take visitors on tours of these homes, which only differ from normal houses by their location. Cave homes are also divided into rooms, with the bedrooms generally being located on the second floor; but unlike conventional homes, cave houses are able to keep the scorching summer heat out, as well as the icy winter chill. Home owners take much pride in their cave homes by comfortably furnishing the interior. However, visitors will have to look closely to not to pass a cave home by, as they can be hidden from the outside. Visiting Bhalil can be a very rewarding experience, and travelers who enjoy exploring destinations that are off-the-beaten-path should not miss out on Bhalil.