Agadir – The Allure of Sunny Beaches

I point my face into the sun and feel a brief caress of dry heat whip over my brow, the phrase
‘Welcome to Agadir’ still echoing in my ears. Something about this city cast a spell on me and I
keep coming back.

You can make it to Agadir from Essaouira in just over two hours. But take your time – no one’s in a
hurry in this neck of the woods. The jaunt up the Atlantic coast spotlights some great scenery — miles
of undisturbed beaches, an occasional lighthouse and a mix of sand, mountain and greenery that seems to
sprout up out of no where.

Agadir boasts nearly 10 kilometers of clean, sandy beaches. Take your pick — walk idly beside the lapping
waves or stroll the boardwalk on Rue de la Plage. Some areas are more packed than others, and you can find
an umbrella to rent for next-to-nothing or just grab yourself a hunk of sand to lie on.

Once in the city, check out the market at Suq al-Had. So typical with row upon row of stalls and vendors
hustling their wares. Spices and herbs, sights, sounds and smells. Have of the merchandise may remain
nameless in your mind, but that’ precisely why it’s fun.

Or take the tourist train for a brief spin around town. The ‘Noddy Train’ is 18 Moroccan dirams that
take you to see the ‘sights’ of Agadir. Sure the locals will look at you with that silly
‘oh-they-are-just-tourists’ smile of theirs, but they are happy you’re here. The ride will be
over before you know it but it’s a half hour well spent.

In the evening go to a restaurant or bar and sit out on the terrace for dinner and a drink. Many
places offer up live music. Most hotels put on live shows with traditional dances and music, and
everyone is invited whether they are guests at the hotel or not. Forget where you are – better to
just let the music and color sweep over you.

Agadir is whatever you want it to be: warm sands, blue skies and rolling surf and friendly people.
No wonder I keep coming back for more.