Casablanca Voyageurs Train Station - Safe and Cheap Transport

Casablanca is an important port city in Morocco and one of the largest in the country. It is also home to the Royal Moroccan Navy and its rail history started in the year 1907 when the French tried to construct a railway near the city’s port. Today the Casablanca Voyageurs or Casa Voyageurs train station is a vital part of the Casablanca’s transport network.

The Casablanca Voyageurs station is the main railway station in Casablanca, with the smaller Casa Port Railway Station located nearby. This secondary station, Casa Port, only deals with commuter trains and very few of the trains that leave Casa Voyageurs stop here. For travelers, the railway station in Casablanca is vital for their journey through Morocco, as trains at this station service many different destinations. A train also runs between the airport and the Casablanca Voyageurs. This train trip usually takes about thirty-five minutes.

Most of the railway stations in Morocco are not clearly marked or signposted. For a railway station to be easily recognizable and be a landmark, makes it easier for travelers to orientate themselves in a new city and to find the station without problems. The Casa Voyageurs is no different. From the street, the bright, white walls and large parking area are a sight that cannot be missed. The railway station building also has a very high clock tower that rises almost two to three stories above the entrance. The Casablanca Voyageurs is an extremely clean and beautiful building from inside. Its age is given away by its elegantly high, dome-shaped ceilings. Its walls are painted in a light crème shade and the chandeliers and wall lights brighten up the building. All the platforms of the train station in Casablanca are undercover, neat and well maintained. Large electronic display boards inform travelers and passengers of the relevant times, platforms and train numbers of departing and arriving trains. Any delays are also indicated on the boards.

The Casablanca Voyageurs is serviced by the state owned ONCF Railway Company and trains run to destinations such as Rabat, Marrakech, Meknes, Tangier, Fes and El Jadida. There are generally two trains that leave in the morning, two in the afternoon and one in the early evening. Trains are a safe, comfortable and very cheap mode of transport in Morocco and local passengers are usually friendly and courteous. Travelers will find buses and taxis outside the railway station which will be able to transport them to their hotels or final destinations.



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