Notre Dame de Lourdes Church - Impressive and Historic Building

The imposing Notre Dame de Lourdes Church has very obvious European influences and is a striking contrast to many of the more traditional attractions that can be found in the city of Casablanca. In fact, you’ll see this massive edifice quite easily from a distance as it towers above many of the smaller, locally funded structures that surround it.

The Notre Dame de Lourdes Church in Morocco is not a very old building, having been completed as recently as 1956. The most outstanding external feature of the church is a massive concrete ‘hood’ which towers over the doorways of the church and is completed with a small crucifix attached at its highest point. This feature is one of the more remarkable architectural fixtures of the church, but it is the absolutely breathtaking stained glass windows that capture everyone’s attention. The open, airy interiors are lit up by the colored beams of light that filter through these stained glass windows which cover an entire wall – giving the window a surface area of over 800 square meters. The result is so dazzling and it is unfortunately very difficult to get good pictures of this lovely feature in the Notre Dame de Lourdes Church. Outside you may find a queue of people waiting to light a candle at a small but attractive shrine.

At first glance, you may wonder why there is a Catholic church in Morocco. The fact is that there are approximately 20,000 Catholics living in the country and that this religious denomination has long been accepted in Morocco. The Notre Dame de Lourdes Church in Morocco is clear evidence of the strong Roman Catholic presence in Casablanca and, while this may not be the major religion in the country, it certainly isn’t only practiced by a small minority. The Notre Dame de Lourdes Church is also a great attraction that you can easily gain access to and it makes for interesting photographs and a great travel experience. So why not include this great attraction in your travel itinerary? You may just find that it is better than you imagined.



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Katrina Pitre - 2011-03-30 16:50:07

A friend in Casablanca needs help, she is poor and has a son with Down syndrome that is sick. I told her to call the church. Do you have a St. Vincent de Paul society there?? Who do I tell her to contact?? She is Christian, I told her to go to Mass on Sunday. I live in the US and we are collecting funds for her too. She has no water and is facing eviction. Please help.

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Jacek - 2011-02-13 18:19:44

Please could you send me the schedule of the Sunday and work day masses in Notre Dame de Lourdes Church in Casablanca (summer 2011)! Thank you

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Team - 2011-01-25 09:09:55

Thank you for visiting and posting your comments. Please note that we do not represent the Notre Dame de Lourdes Church and kindly request that you contact them directly with your enquiries.

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