Souk Cuisine – A Unique Moroccan Experience

Souvenirs, postcards and photographs are a wonderful way of remembering a holiday or trip to various destinations. Souk Cuisine in Marrakech, Morocco, offers something more for you to take back and share with those at home. It is a unique and magical experience that is recommended to everyone visiting Marrakech, as it not only allows visitors to venture into the secrets of Moroccan cuisine, but teaches them to understand and appreciate every aspect of Moroccan cooking.

Visitors can sign up for a session with Gemma Van De Burgt, creator of Souk Cuisine, in groups of two to twelve. The lesson starts in the early morning, in the narrow corridors of a traditional souk. At each stall visitors will be taught how to look for the best produce, haggle with pricing and learn how to use their senses for picking the freshest items. Moroccan spice will also no longer be a mystery, as spices and their uses will be explained as the shopping spree continues. After prospective chefs have purchased all their ingredients, they will be taken back to the Riad to start their cooking lesson.

While sipping on mint tea, visitors will learn the art of traditional Moroccan cooking and will make at least four dishes during their session. Dishes include the likes of couscous with onions and raisins, tagine with boulettes de sardines, salad with melon and rosewater, tagine with lamb and quince, zaahlouk of courgettes, and other traditional meals. After the hard work has been done, visitors can sit back with a glass of Moroccan wine and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Meals that visitors would like to cook can be discussed while booking their session.

Souk Cuisine is a food adventure complete with scintillating color, aromatic fragrances and exquisite taste. Visitors will not only be given the skill to cook traditional Moroccan dishes, but receive recipes that they can try at home. And because they have mastered the art of spices and produce, shopping on their own for the ingredients will be a less daunting task than in the past. Too really live the country and explore its culture, a booking with Souk Cuisine is not only a relaxing way to spend the day but an opportunity to discover Morocco from a different perspective.