The Tale of AnaYela Riad

Marrakech is known as the lively city of Morocco and a popular destination for tourists. Blanketed in mystery, yet bustling with life and vibrancy, the city offers travelers a unique mixture of the past and present. Tourists are able to explore the traditions and culture of Morocco, while being able to find many modern day luxuries, in the accommodation, attractions and facilities that have been created with the tourist in mind. But in the heart of the energetic Medina district, visitors can find the ultimate in luxury accommodation, tranquility and a tale that sprouts from the pages of an ancient diary.

The hotel’s name, AnaYela Riad, is directly translated to mean “I am Yena”. When the German entrepreneur Bernd Kolb purchased the three hundred year old palace, to restore and renovate into a hotel, he was inspired by a diary found in the palace. The diary had been left behind by a girl by the name of Yena, who once lived here. The inspiring diary contains Yena’s feelings and experiences in regard to her first love. Every detail in the hotel was considered by Kolb and brought to life by Moroccan artisans, who created a world far removed from the scuffle of the city streets.

The recently opened hotel has five large extravagantly decorated rooms, of which two are suites. Guests will receive Moroccan slippers upon their arrival, where after they are free to explore the breathtaking terrace, the open air heated swimming pool, enjoy the magnificent views of the Atlas Mountains, or look out over the city. The highest point of the city is located in the Flying Carpet Tower of AnaYela Riad and visitors are also reminded to take time to look at the ten foot silver doors throughout the palace, on which the legendary Koranic calligrapher, Mohammed Taha, depicted the story left behind by Yela.

Guests of the AnaYela Riad can look forward to safe transfers from the airport, laundry services, Internet facilities and mouth watering breakfasts. The open air restaurant will provide visitors with a large variety of dishes for lunch and supper, and staff at the hotel can also assist visitors with tourist activities, such as trips to the Berber villages or an evening of storytelling, snake charmers and traditional Moroccan music. Staying at the AnaYela Riad is an experience and adventure in itself. With beauty, glamour and tranquility, the palace has not lost its allure and majestic atmosphere. It is a true piece of Morocco and will have guests returning year after year.