Morocco’s Renowned Sidi Rock Festival

Morocco is known as a mysterious country with breathtaking desert scenes, forgotten oases and a rich and fascinating culture. On the streets, musicians play traditional music such as Rai, Sufi, Chaabi and Andalusian Classical. But music in Morocco has seen some drastic changes, and even though the older generations try desperately to hold on to the past, the youth have become quite fond of rock, trance and metal rock. This year, the Sidi Rock Festival will once again drown the screams of excited fans and bring together some of the greatest rock bands in Morocco.

On the 23rd of February 2008, Sidi Kacem will be hosting the Sidi Rock Festival, which attracts metal rock fans from all over the country. This music genre has been opposed for many years in Morocco and organizers of the Sidi Rock Festival have worked through endless numbers of obstacles to bring this festival of rock music to the thousands of rock enthusiast in Morocco. The festival is not only focused on exposing local bands and promoting their music, but to inspire talented, undiscovered metal musicians to expand their horizons and continue developing their music.

Some of the more popular bands that will be performing at the 2008 Sidi Rock Festival include Hammer Head from the Kenitra region, Damned Creation from Sidi Kassem, Despotism from Casablanca, Flood of Hate from Kenitra, Ephemeral Promise from Rabat, Atmosphear from Rabat, Sakadoya from Settat and Kematorium for Kenitra. Many of the regions of Morocco will be represented at the music festival.

It is hoped that the festival will also attract visitors and tourists traveling through Morocco, and give the bands and musicians exposure to an international audience. The festival is also an opportunity for bands to promote their talent and music to the public. Music events, such as the Sidi Rock Festival, help aspiring and established bands to familiarize their audience with their music genre, and in Morocco it introduces more locals to metal and rock. All metal rock enthusiasts should make their way to Sidi Kacem and experience the Moroccan rock event of the year. It is guaranteed to be a great evening of music, celebration and hard hitting rock.