Fashion Designer Paul Marciano

The fashion industry is ruled by big names and world known designers. There is one designer and fashion house that boasts an international presence and enterprise, namely Guess? Incorporated. This fashion phenomenon was once run by all four brothers of the Marciano family, but Guess? and its subdivisions of G by Guess and Marciano are now run by Paul and Maurice Marciano. Paul, however, is the fashion designer and brain behind the advertisements that captured the public’s attention.

Born in Morocco in 1952, in Debdou Village, Paul Marciano was born into an affluent Jewish family. A motorcycle accident resulted in Marciano spending months in a wheelchair and he was unable to finish his education. This is when he decided to travel to Israel and stayed in a kibbutz for a while. He then joined MGA, a clothing company owned by his family, which featured shops along the famous French Riviera. In 1977, all four brothers traveled to Southern California, and Marciano fell in love with the region, deciding to move to the United States after the family closed down MGA when political issues arose in France in the year 1981. Guess? was established by the Marciano family in the same year, and made their fashion statement at just the right time. During the 1970s, jeans and denim clothing had become outdated, but the Marcianos had a new and fresh vision for jeans that was greeted with much criticism at first. But no-one could resist the sexy style of their jeans, a symbol of attitude and confidence, and within hours of the new jeans reaching the shelves of Bloomingdales they were all sold.

Paul Marciano was the Co Chief Executive Officer and the Co Chairman, and once his black and white advertisements, which were provocative and stylish hit magazines and streets, the Guess? label was catapulted into instant stardom. The brand began to expand into accessories and a range of clothing for women, children and men, and continues to create a standard of product that is very sought after. The position of Co Chief Executive Officer and Co Chairman has now fallen to Maurice, and the company has grown from six million dollars in sales in the year 1982, to more than six hundred million dollars by the year 1996.

Paul Marciano has always had the eye for fashion and keeps the fashion releases classy, yet sexy, which they are known for. Born in Morocco and now on the frontlines of international fashion, Paul Marciano and his family has given young designers the motivation that there is no limit to success or challenges that cannot be overcome.