Visit the City of Azemmour

The city of Azemmour (also Azamor), located on the bank of the Oum Er-Rbia River, is well known for its talented artists and exquisite beach that attracts water sport enthusiasts. This peaceful destination has a long history and many fascinating attractions that visitors will want to explore.

Located 75 kilometers from the city of Casablanca in Morocco, Azemmour has been inhabited for many centuries, coming to be dependent on the King of Fez. The city’s residents became vassals of King Joao II of Portugal in 1486, paying 10,000 savéis annually. Governor Moulay Zayam rebelled against Manuel II of Portugal, refusing to pay this tribute. Thus, Manuel II sent out a fleet, under the leadership of James, Duke of Braganza, with 15,000 soldiers to Azemmour on 15 August 1513. The city was easily conquered on 1 September 1513 and named Azamor. This event that took place between the Wattasid Dynasty and the Portuguese Empire became known as the Battle of Azemmour. The city was later abandoned by the Portuguese in 1541.

Today Azemmour is a popular destination with water sport enthusiasts. Its impressively large beach, Azemmour Plage, attracts bodyboarders, surfers and kite surfers. Just 2 kilometers from the town visitors can enjoy these water sports along with water skiing, windsurfing and dune boarding. There are also two golf courses that offer stunning views of the nearby Atlantic Ocean, one of which was designed by the famous golfer Gary Player.

Azemmour is also renowned for its local artists, sculptors and painters. Some of the walls have been beautifully decorated by murals, created by the talented artists that reside here. Lovely items, including embroidery, can be purchased at the covered market. Mosques and artisan shops dot the medina. Both Almoravid and Portuguese architectural influences are seen in the buildings that make up the town. Visitors will want to explore the historic Kasbah and the attractive Jewish quarter. A mausoleum for the city’s patron saint, Abu Shuayb, was constructed under the orders of Mohammed ben Abdallah and a moussem is held each year in his honor.

Accommodation is offered in the form of two unassuming hotels, with charming riads offering lodging in the old medina area. There are also other guest houses being planned in the city, so as to provide additional accommodation to travelers.