Backpacking: Truly Discover the Wonders of Morocco

Morocco is a very diverse country, with magnificent landscapes, friendly locals and exotic cities to explore. An increasing number of tourists are turning to backpacking to discover the beauty and experience the authenticity of Morocco. Each city and village has its own atmosphere and energy, making each experience unique and memorable. Even though backpacking is a fun and inexpensive way to travel, there are a few tips and suggestions that backpackers are recommended to follow.

Seeing male solo travelers is nothing unusual for the locals, but women traveling on their own might receive a few inquisitive glances and an outpour of concern from the female members of the community. As Morocco is a Muslim country, women are reminded to travel in long slacks or skirts and cover their head or shoulders with a scarf or shawl as a sign of respect when moving around the markets and residents. When bartering, tourists are reminded to keep it friendly.

When backpacking from one destination to another, it is advised that travelers rather stay in guest houses or hostels. Besides the accommodation being cheaper, they have much more character and in almost every hostel and guesthouse there is a large room where travelers can sit, relax, exchange stories and adventures, all while drinking mint tea and smoking a hookah. Camping sites are mostly only available in the desert regions, but most destinations in Morocco are beginning to cater for the growing number of backpackers, so finding accommodation should not be a problem. Eating in local cafés or buying food from street vendors is also much cheaper than dining in a restaurant. Most of the smaller towns and villages are reasonably priced, while the cities tend to be more expensive.

Travelers will find so many wonderful activities amongst the beauty of the country, such as hiking through the magnificent Atlas Mountains, finding their way out of the maze in Fez, taking part in camel treks and so much more. Being prepared for the climate in Morocco is essential, as it is generally very hot and dry with rainfall in the months of November to March. Even though it remains warm through winter, the evenings in winter can get very cold. Taking in the breathtaking landscapes, getting to know the locals and discovering noteworthy sites and places off the beaten track, are just a few reasons why backpacking in Morocco is such a rewarding adventure.