The Historical Splendor of Tinmel

Just outside the city of Marrakech, approximately one hundred kilometers into the High Atlas, lies the small village of Tinmel. It is one of the popular historical sites in Morocco, and has a long history that can be traced back to the Almohad Dynasty. It is known for its architectural significance of the Almohad Citadel and the tombs of the rulers of the Almohad Dynasty.

It was in the village of Tinmel that Mahdi ibn Toumert began his quest as a spiritual reformer and started the uprising against the Almoravids in the year 1125. When the Almoravid Dynasty fell, together with Marrakech in the year 1147, the Almohad Dynasty united the Islamic world as a unified empire. Under their rule, the tomb of imam became a pilgrimage site for many and the Tinmel Mihrab has become an attraction and popular tourist destination in Tinmel. The Tinmel Mihrab, or citadel, has a beautiful courtyard and galleries, and the entire structure has been built in lime, mortar and stones. This amazing architectural masterpiece is considered to be the ruins of the citadel, but many of its rooms and magnificent archways are still in a considerably well-preserved condition.

Some of the breathtaking features of the mihrab include stunningly decorated domes, moldings, cupolas and a prayer room. Recognizable markings of religious art, which decorated the plaster panels located on bases of the domes, can still be seen. Even though the minaret has lost its top over the years, it is still a noteworthy part of the citadel to visit, as it is located above the citadel and affords visitors a wonderful view of Toubkal. The mosque in Tinmel is known to be one of the most spectacular remaining architectural masterpieces of the Almohad Dynasty.

Tinmel and the surrounding Berber villages give visitors the unique opportunity to explore the rich heritage and culture of Morocco. Being located near a tourist destination such as Marrakech allows visitors to enjoy day trip to the village, walk along the Nfiss River and explore the unique beauty of the Nfiss valley. To experience the true magnificence of Morocco and the dynasties that shaped the history of the country, Tinmel is a breathtaking destination in Morocco to start with.