Ministero del Gusto – A Treat for the Eyes

Over the past decade Italian designers Alessandra Lippini and Frabrizio Bizarri have made Morocco their home and established a unique art studio and gallery in the heart of the Marrakech medina. Hidden in a small alley of the bustling medina, the plain wooden door to the Ministero del Gusto presents an unassuming façade to the outside world. Once inside the Ministero del Gusto, visitors are swept away by the unique designs and vibrant colors of the artworks, furniture and jewelry on display.

Ministero del Gusto exhibits the works of artists from all over the world as well as those of the owners. With the use of color, design, decorative motifs and unusual shapes and materials, the works on display are avant-garde but with a distinct African touch. Throughout the gallery potential clients are given ideas of unique and innovative designs that can be created to reflect their own individuality.

The interior of the building itself is a masterpiece of design with an open courtyard in the center where the sun streams through a small opening in the roof onto the water below. The rough textured walls painted in shades of orange catch the sunlight reflected off the water, creating an ambiance of calm and wellbeing, showing off to perfection the benefits of a well designed interior.

The view from the upper level of the gallery down into the courtyard adds a another dimension to the works of art on display and as the sun moves through the day, the light, water reflection and shadows reveal different aspects of the interior. The bathroom upstairs is extraordinary, with a deep leather bath which is filled by water gushing out of a tree trunk creating a feeling of being outdoors standing under a waterfall.

The orange painted walls on the rooftop of Ministero del Gusto’s rooftop have been bleached to a more subtle color by the sun. The large sun drenched space offers tables and chairs to sit on and enjoy the weather while checking out the neighborhood activities.

Certainly a visit to the unconventional Ministero del Gusto in the colorful medina of Marrakech will be an experience that visitors to the beautiful country of Morocco are sure to find unforgettable.