Marvelous Discoveries at Oudaias Craft Museum

Described as a village within a city, the Kasbah des Oudaias in Rabat is a fascinating place to explore at leisure. Situated within the Kasbah, housed in a 17th century palace and surrounded by the exquisite Andalusia Gardens, the charming Oudaias Craft Museum invites visitors to view the many traditional arts and crafts of Morocco.

The cool marble interior of the Oudaias Craft Museum offers a break from the Moroccan heat as visitors view the displays of ancient Quar’ans, jewelry, pottery, musical instruments, artifacts and many other traditional arts and crafts, as well as traditional Moroccan attire. Superb examples of Berber carpets with intricate designs are a highlight of the museum. These carpets are much sought after as wall decorations and floor coverings in many parts of the world.

Traditionally Berber weavers used wool or camel hair with which to make carpets and coverings that were used primarily to ward off cold winter nights in their semi-arid environments. Archaeological excavations have recovered examples of Berber carpets that are believed to date back to the Stone Age. Today Berber carpets are made in a variety of modern materials such as nylon and olefin and the term refers to the specific weave of the carpet, rather than what the product it is made of. However, carpets and rugs made of the traditional materials continue to be popular items for tourists to take home.

The palace that houses the Oudaias Craft Museum was built by Moulay Ismail after he took control of the pirate republic of Rabat and used the Kasbah as a garrison for his mercenary army, which consisted mainly of the Saharan tribe of Oudaias. The building has been beautifully preserved and provides a glimpse into the history of this city, which now serves as the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Situated on at the mouth of the Bou Regreg River on the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Rabat is a prime tourist destination in Morocco, with plenty for visitors to see and do. Rabat is rich in history and culture as a visit to the Oudaias Craft Museum will confirm. If you are traveling in Morocco, be sure to visit Rabat and include a visit to this fascinating museum.