La Maison Arabe Cooking Workshops

La Maison Arabe has a history as rich as the city of Marrakech itself. It began its life as a renowned restaurant in 1940, but fell into disrepair until it was carefully renovated back to its original beauty, with age old techniques that set traditional Marrakech homes apart from those in the rest of Morocco. From hand polished agate stone, detailed cedar wood ceilings, breathtaking cupolas and chiseled plaster, every aspect of renovation was kept as traditional and original as possible. Today, La Maison Arabe is not only known to serve some of the best food in Morocco, but is a luxury hotel and rejuvenating holiday destination.

Renovations to the old restaurant required the building of a new wing to accommodate guests. The hotel was built with two massive patios, overflowing with flowers, and is adorned with spectacular and very rare pieces such as valuable carpets, magnificent paintings and unique décor in each of the seventeen rooms, giving each guest a feeling of warmth and welcome when they arrive. There is a sparkling pool for guests to cool off in a relaxing spa and massage therapies are available in the Hamman. Guests can also choose from two top-rated restaurants to dine in.

What makes this hotel unique is the fact that it is home to an excellent cooking school, allowing guests and visitors to learn the secrets and techniques behind the Moroccan cuisine on which they dine every night. The La Maison Arabe Cooking Workshop is a wonderful experience and opportunity to not only learn how to prepare a three course meal, but to learn more about the culture and traditions of Morocco. Cooking a Moroccan meal consists of flavor and recipes that have been passed down through the ages. At the La Maison Arabe Cooking Workshop, visitors can look forward to working with the most modern equipment, under the professional guidance of chef Mohammed Nahir. His friendly approach to cooking, calm atmosphere and articulate explanations, make cooking a joyful and fulfilling experience. Under his watchful expert eye, Mohammed takes his class through a cultural cooking workshop, assisting in the cooking process and helping cooking students to make notes on the stationary provided in the class. Students who are interested in trying other recipes at home can ask Mohammed to e-mail a few through, which he will do with pleasure.

After the workshop is complete, students are able to eat the fruits of their labor while enjoying the perfect weather and a view over the swimming pool area. It is most definitely a Marrakech cuisine adventure that is recommended for all visitors to try. Even the most inexperienced cook will be able to walk out of the La Maision Arabe cooking workshop a Moroccan chef.