Joudia Belkabir – A Rising Star

Joudia Belkabir was born in Marrakech, Morocco, and still has fond memories of her favorite singer Edith Piaf and her love for music from an early age. It seems that music is in her genes as her grandfather is a well known composer, who wrote the song “Lalla Rita” and her uncle is also in the music industry. Even though she herself was uncertain about launching a career in music, an opportunity to compete in the Studio 2M changed the direction of her life completely and encouraged her to follow her dreams.

After Joudia Belkabir had obtained her baccalaureate she started looking for ways to break the news to her parents that she wanted to attend a singing school so that she could develop her talents and explore her interest. She finally gathered up the courage to share her dreams and goals with her parents, of which they were very wary. Asking her not to rush into anything immediately, they encouraged her to take part in the Studio 2M singing competition that was due to be launched on television in Morocco in 2004.

Belkabir saw the Studio 2M competition as an opportunity to prove to herself and her parents that she had the natural talent to become a singer, and it also exposed her to the public and a very wide reaching audience. She not only proved a point to her family but to Morocco, as she won the competition with flying colors. As the winner, Joudia Belkabir found herself in demand for stage performances and in the centre of almost immediate fame, but she took time off to complete her studies, find her musical direction and to take a break from stage performances.

Her deep desire to sing a Moroccan song led to her asking for advice and guidance from musician and composer, Nabil Khaldi, and together they have reworked a very popular folk song named “Ach Dak Temchi Lazine Wanta Rajel Meskin”. Through his encouragement and training, Joudia Belkabir was able to discover a lot about herself as a musician, as well as about music and choice of songs. She is currently in the studio, working on her first album, which she promises will be full of surprises for the Moroccan public and which is highly anticipated by her fans and supporters.