Boost for Morocco Tourism

Tourism in Morocco is a vital industry as it not only promotes the country on various levels, including investments, but assists the local population in carving out an existence. From the Bab Rouah in Rabat to the Menara Gardens in Marrakech, Morocco is a country filled with unique attractions and extraordinary landscapes that are enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. Recognizing the importance of this industry, Caisse de Depot et de Gestion, an investment fund run by the state, have made the decision to boost the industry over a five year period and have set aside a staggering amount of money to make the project a reality.

The amount being pushed into the project is no less than €1 billion. Numerous investors and developers are hoping to become a part of this massive undertaking. Attracting foreign investors to Morocco has been a part of the Vision 2020 project, with companies such as Al Maabar and Emaar Properties already contributing to the development of the country. The Vision 2020 project was introduced by King Mohammed, but due to the economic crises that affected the global economy, many projects and developments slowed down. Expanding the tourism industry with the construction of luxury resorts, a solid infrastructure and introducing new attractions is hoped to increase the visitors to Morocco to approximately ten million. With more funding being made available to inject new life into the project, developments and improvements to the tourism industry will again be able to get underway. So far in 2010, until the month of July, over five million visitors have been recorded, of which most of the tourists consisted of Spanish, Italian and British visitors.

With the introduction of Vision 2010 and Vision 2020, many private projects have been launched throughout the country, and as Morocco’s second highest earning industry, tourism is being updated to the benefit of the country. It is said that the latest investment by Caisse de Depot et de Gestion will bring momentum to various projects and see a renewed tourism industry in Morocco within a few short years. For visitors, there will be a variety of new accommodation to choose from and fascinating adventures to enjoy. For the locals, there will be a Moroccan tourism industry they can be proud of.