A Memorable Visit to Midelt

With the majestic Ayachi Mountain looming over the city and its unique landscape complimenting the picturesque simplicity of the town, Midelt is a destination in Morocco that is definitely worth exploring. Not only are the surrounding natural wonders a major attraction in Midelt but it is a town that overflows with traditional creativity and friendly locals who are eager to welcome visitors and share their extraordinary city with all those who visit. To experience the magnificence of the lunar landscapes of Midelt, tourists are recommended to include this wonderful city in their itinerary.

Visitors will be able to locate the town of Midelt on the road between the bustling cities of Meknes and Fes. Due to its high elevation, Midelt enjoys a very pleasant temperature during the day, allowing visitors to explore the town and its attractions comfortably. One of the most frequented sites in Midelt is located approximately an hour out of the town: the Kasbah Myriem. It is a Christian monastery that is home to five monks, while the nuns occupy accommodation across the way from the monastery. Here, local girls are educated in the fine art of making carpets, which are then sold to the public. Another noteworthy attraction, which is located near the town, is El Karma Couscous, where the women of the village invite visitors to participate in their workshops to learn how to make hand-rolled couscous, which has been a part of their tradition for centuries.

As the town is located close to the Moulouya River, it is known for its successful agricultural sector, producing a variety of fruit such as pomegranates, walnuts, apples, plums and apricots. Nomadic farmers also make their living from raising sheep and goats for both meat and wool. Midelt has a local market area where farmers are able to sell their produce and purchase supplies. As the town is a centre for creativity, visitors will also find a wide range of locally made crafts and handiwork that make wonderful gifts and memorable souvenirs. With a lively town atmosphere and breathtaking nature to explore, Midelt is a destination worth exploring.