Touring Taroudant in Morocco

Taroudant is a majestic, brown-walled city situated between Agadir and Ouarzazate. It is sometimes called the 'Grandmother of Marrakech' as it seems to be a smaller, slower-paced version of Marrakech. The city is one of the most elegant in the country and you will see beautiful buildings and the stunning craftsmanship that adorns the city's facades. Taroudant is perhaps most noted for its crafts - so if you plan to shop, this is the place to do it.

Off hand, Taroudant may seem a bit confusing as there are a large number of ramparts that head off in every direction. However, once you figure it all out you can make your way to the souks and workshops in the central part of town and enjoy some shopping. The metal work here is very good; it can even be considered superior to most of that found elsewhere in Morocco. If you are not shopping for jewelry, the carpets here are also quite popular. Everything is reasonably priced and exceptionally good value for money. There are three shopping districts in Taroudant, Morocco, so you'd better make sure you find them all!

Your Taroudant hotel will likely be the very pretty Palais Salam: a renovated old Kasbah. The courtyards are lavishly decked with beautiful green plants and numerous small animals while the walls, ceilings and woodwork are painted with colorful traditional Arabic graphics. Stained glass windows shed colorful light on soft sofas and large baths. If you book accommodation elsewhere, you can be sure you will be treated to similar ornamental beauty. Most hotels also have restaurants where you can enjoy your meals.

Besides taking in the fantastic backdrop of the High Atlas in the north, you might also enjoy a walk along the city ramparts which were built by the Saadians in the sixteenth century. Many visitors envision what it must have been like to defend the city from these ramparts in times gone by and enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of daily life from this vantage point. Taroudant is a great place to stop if you land at Agadir or are en route to the Western High Atlas or the eastern Djebel Sirwa. Whatever reason you are visiting, you can be sure that you will enjoy your little stop in the 'Grandmother of Marrakech'.



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