Grand Casablanca

Situated along the coast of north-western Morocco, the region of Grand Casablanca, with a population close to 3.9 million, is the most densely populated region of Morocco. The capital city of the region is the popular tourist destination of Casablanca.

The 1,615 square kilometer region of Grand Casablanca includes the prefectures of Ain Chock Hay Hassani, Ain Sebaa-Hay Mohammedi, Ben Msik-Sidi Othmane, Casablanca-Anfa, El Fida-Derb-Soltane, Mechouar Casablanca, Sidi Bernoussi-Zenata and Mohammedia, as well as the provinces of Mediouna and Nouaceur.

Casablanca is the region’s main tourist city. An all round travel destination, Casablanca boasts exciting attractions and world-class accommodation. Also in the region of Grand Casablanca is the seaside resort city of Mohammedia. Here visitors can enjoy such activities as tennis, golf, and gambling at the local casino. As a whole, however, the region has much to offer and visitors should definitely include a number of destinations in Grand Casablanca on their itineraries.



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