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Rick’s Café – Casablanca Comes to Life

As the gentle sounds of the piano fill the air, smiling waiters chat to diners and see new customers to selected tables, amidst the oriental screens and palms of the dimly lit restaurant, one cannot help but glance over at the wooden bar in anticipation of seeing Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart having a drink together. This is not too much of a farfetched thought after walking into Rick’s Café, which has been replicated to the finest detail to resemble the Rick’s Café from the legendary movie, “Casablanca”.

Kathy Kriger had always been in love with the mysterious lure of Morocco and looking for a venture that she would enjoy and become a part of. She found her answer in an old mansion in Casablanca, which has become home to Rick’s Café. In order to make her dream become a reality, Kriger went in search of investors, which she found amongst the realms of the nostalgic fans of the Casablanca movie. Slowly the restaurant and piano bar came to life with balconies, brass lighting, white walls, plants, a wooden bar, curved arches and balustrades. A few of her own touches were added, such as private dining areas and fireplaces, but these seem to be just an extension to the original movie set.

Rick’s Café opened in 2004 and has recently celebrated its fourth anniversary. Many international visitors come to Rick’s Café out of curiosity, along with the chance to stand in this magnificent movie set replica that also offers outstanding service, delicious cocktails and tasty meals. From the menu, diners will have a vast variety of dishes to choose from, prepared by a professional chef and a very busy kitchen. Dishes such as fish, steak, chicken and lamb, accompanied by potatoes, vegetables and rice, will satisfy the hungry. Those who are only looking for light appetizers can select from the extensive range including melon and smoked duck, goat cheese and figs and papaya and prawns.

Rick’s Café has been immortalized by the dreams, efforts and hard work of Kathy Kriger and has become as much an attraction as a world class restaurant. Its ambiance, décor and professional staff, transports visitors to a make believe world of romance, deceit, honor and friendship. Visitors to Morocco are recommended to visit Rick’s Café in Casablanca to experience a unique evening of music, atmosphere and good food.



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